Soha Ali Khan talks about the challenges star kids face; ‘Sometimes they don’t want to work with you but…’ [Exclusive]

Hush Hush actress Soha Ali Khan gets candid exclusively with BollywoodLife and speaks about the nepotism debate and how always being a star kid doesn’t help you.

Soha Ali Khan who has been privileged to get work in talks about the challenges that star kids face while getting films in the industry. In an interaction with BollywoodLife the Hush Hush actress said, ” What helps is access to people which I certainly had, sometimes they feel obliged they may not want to work with you but they feel obliged to meet you so it’s not like something that you enjoy, but I feel like certainly the platform especially when it comes to things like acting, the film industry or even cricket, they are been equal if accepting people based on talent, of course anywhere in the world you feel the world is unfair”. Being privileged does not always works in your favour.

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