O Pushpa I Hate Tears (2020) Hindi

O Pushpa I Hate Tears (2020) Hindi

O Pushpa I Hate Tears (2020) Hindi You always fall in love with those whom you want to be the part of your life. This is the only truth and only condition. When Aditya fallen in love with Pushpa, she thought that he only loves her. But she gets traumatized when she came to know that Aditya was in love with her only to get her money. He only wants money not Pushpa. Aditya wants Pushpa out of his way, so he takes the help of Shyam. But Shyam smartly get Pushpa in love with him and also get a hold on her. Shyam is so clever that its impossible for Aditya to remove Shyam from Pushpa’s life and her money. Now Aditya is helpless and feels like he lost Pushpa and her money as well. What Aditya will do now?

O Pushpa I Hate Tears (2020) Hindi Watch Online Free

Genre: 2020 Movies, Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Director: Dinkar Kapoor

Actors: Akhilendra Mishra, Anang Desai, Anusmriti Sarkar, Arjumman Mughal, Jimmy Moses, Karthik Jayaram, Krishna Abhishek

Country: India

Duration: 127 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2020


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