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Ukraine’s Embassy in Israel has funded a focused advert, on X, to inform Israelis that Russia has stood with Hamas, and in opposition to international Jewry.

The advert, which is written in each Hebrew and English, reads: “Russia has chosen a aspect – it stands with Hamas. 

“There isn’t any room for doubt: They host Hamas leaders. They didn’t condemn the horrible bloodbath that occurred on October 7. They difficulty statements in opposition to Israel. 

“In Dagestan, there have been unprecedented makes an attempt to hold out pogroms in opposition to Jews. 

“Israel is coping with terrorism, and Ukraine is coping with terrorism. Terror is terror, regardless of the place and in opposition to whom – we should not permit it to develop! Russia = Hamas.“

The picture connected exhibits the Russian and Hamas flags merged, with the captions “Hamassia” and “Let’s unite in opposition to terror!”

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