Dear Father (2022) Hindi Dubbed

Dear Father (2022) Hindi Dubbed

Dear Father (2022) Hindi Dubbed The story is a representation of a growing sense of alienation in the minds of the senior citizens of today’s nuclear structures. They are distanced from the mainstream of family action, having been denied the pivotal roles of the now defunct joint families, hence some of them demand attention through the tool of nuisance value. It’s an attempt to show the futility of the so-called fluent logic of today’s pompous professionals in trying to pin down hapless parents in hopeless debates.

Dear Father (2022) Hindi Dubbed Watch Online Free

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Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, South Hindi 2022

Director: Umang Vyas

Actors: Chetan Dhanani, Manasi Parekh, Paresh Rawal

Country: India

Duration: 137 min

Quality: HD Hindi

Release: 2022

IMDb: 8.1

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